The Secret of Englishman’s Island by Nigel Wigmore

Special investigator Cameron McGrath is hired by the prosecutor investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election to find former US Attorney General Joseph Koons, who has gone missing after being fired by the new President.But before McGrath can get to Joe Koons a Russian sniper from a spy ship cruising the North Atlantic assassinates Koons on remote Langlade (Englishman’s Island), off Newfoundland.Joe Koons has left secret documents that implicate the Russians in collusion but with no paper or digital trail. McGrath follows cryptic clues left by Koons to locate the documents.From Chicago McGrath travels halfway around the world to fulfil Joe Koons’ dying wish that the contents of the secret documents are made known to the American people. McGrath is pursued by Arkady Johnson, the Russian sniper, who has orders to kill the special investigator. McGrath travels to Thor Peak on Baffin Island, Rehavia, in Israel, a monastery in the CĂ©vennes in Southern France, and the British Library in London. The chase reaches its climax with a showdown in Washington DC at the National Museum of American History.

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