Illustrated children’s fantasy novel on e-book: The BDC by Nigel Wigmore now available on Amazon


Story and illustrations by Nigel Wigmore

Mae and Megan’s father brings home an old car. It belonged to a man in Liverpool who has died and left it to his son, Billy. But Billy was too sad to keep the car. Mae and Megan fall in love with the car and name it the BDC, (Billy’s Dad’s Car). One night, Mae sees a light inside the BDC. It is a cry for help from a family of Menders, the tiny folk who live inside the car.


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The Secret of Englishman’s Island by Nigel Wigmore

Special investigator Cameron McGrath is hired by the prosecutor investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election to find former US Attorney General Joseph Koons, who has gone missing after being fired by the new President.But before McGrath can get to Joe Koons a Russian sniper from a spy ship cruising the North Atlantic assassinates Koons on remote Langlade (Englishman’s Island), off Newfoundland.Joe Koons has left secret documents that implicate the Russians in collusion but with no paper or digital trail. McGrath follows cryptic clues left by Koons to locate the documents.From Chicago McGrath travels halfway around the world to fulfil Joe Koons’ dying wish that the contents of the secret documents are made known to the American people. McGrath is pursued by Arkady Johnson, the Russian sniper, who has orders to kill the special investigator. McGrath travels to Thor Peak on Baffin Island, Rehavia, in Israel, a monastery in the Cévennes in Southern France, and the British Library in London. The chase reaches its climax with a showdown in Washington DC at the National Museum of American History.

Mac & Master written and illustrated by Nigel Wigmore

Mac & Master drawings

Mac, the Scottie Dog and his Master live a happy life together. Where Master goes, Mac goes. Until one day Master has to meet a man at Paddington Station. The man forces Master onto a train. Mac is left alone on the platform. Who has kidnapped Master and why? Mac does not know what to do until he meets Tosh, a streetwise Boxer. Their adventure together begins when Mac and Tosh stow away aboard a train to follow Master. But will they be able to rescue him from the kidnappers? Will Mac ever see Master again?

Little Peter the Great written and illustrated by Nigel Wigmore

When Peter’s family moves back to London after ten years living abroad, all the 13-year-old wants to do is to settle down and make friends. However, Peter’s world is turned upside down when he explores a London mansion that was once a Russian embassy. He discovers an old Russian hiding out in the mansion. Illya Grigorevich is being retired and sent back to Moscow. But Illya refuses to go. During the 1960s, Harry Grebb, now German Ambassador to Britain, abducted and murdered Illya’s best friend, Dimitri Denisovich. Grebb accused Dimitri, who was known as DD, of being a double agent. But Grebb’s motive was that he and DD were love rivals for the same woman. Now Illya wants to expose Harry Grebb for the murder of his friend DD. But Grebb sets out to silence Illya. Peter’s parents want to send him away to boarding school. Peter refuses to go. Illya leaves England to get away from Grebb. Peter persuades Illya to take him with him. But Grebb gives chase. Peter and Illya run for their lives to Paris and then on to Geneva in Switzerland, with Grebb close behind. But Illya has a surprise up his sleeve for the unsuspecting Grebb.