Illustrated children’s fantasy novel on e-book: The BDC by Nigel Wigmore now available on Amazon


Story and illustrations by Nigel Wigmore

Mae and Megan’s father brings home an old car. It belonged to a man in Liverpool who has died and left it to his son, Billy. But Billy was too sad to keep the car. Mae and Megan fall in love with the car and name it the BDC, (Billy’s Dad’s Car). One night, Mae sees a light inside the BDC. It is a cry for help from a family of Menders, the tiny folk who live inside the car.


Menders are dedicated to saving the BDC from a gang of vicious Breakers who also live in the car. The sisters are transported into the BDC where they befriend the surviving Menders, Wiffletree and her grandparents, Valance and Planetary. The only way to save them and the BDC is to get the car into a motor museum where it can be restored. Mae enlists the help of Lord Buffy, an eccentric lord who runs a motor museum at his country estate. But Lord Buffy betrays Mae, Megan and the Menders. He wants only to save his museum from closure.

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