Hippo by Nigel Wigmore: A Ray Hippolyte Novel

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About the book:

“This person is catchable,” Hippo said. “He’s a good climber, I’ll give him that, and he’s given the French cops the run-around for a couple of years. They’ve never got anywhere near him. But one day we’re going to catch up with him, Jimmy, before the police do and get a damn good story on him or my name’s not Ray Hippolyte.”

Journalist Ray Hippolyte – known as Hippo – badly needs one last scoop. With photographer Jimmy Bowen, the two are hot on the trail of a notorious jewel thief who has consistently eluded police in Britain and on the Continent. The prime suspect is celebrity French restaurateur Frank So. Yet despite being named on social media no one seems able to touch Frank So. Then Hippo discovers an even bigger story that So is a spy for the Chinese who are seeking to eavesdrop on every facet of British life.


About the author:

Nigel Wigmore has worked as a journalist all his life. He was a features sub-editor on The Guardian in London for more than two decades and for another eleven years on the London Evening Standard. He lives in England and writes a weekly column on cars.