Still a powertrain choice with Peugeot’s accomplished all-new 2008 SUV

By Nigel Wigmore

WHILE carmakers pitch head-long into producing the all- electric vehicle as our collective car of choice for the future, you might be happy to know there is still an alternative.
Peugeot, for example, offers the all-new 2008 SUV (sports utility vehicle) I have been driving, with a choice of four PureTech petrol engines, an efficient BlueHDi diesel engine plus a fully electric powertrain version.
David Peel, managing director of Peugeot UK, explained: “The inclusion of an electric variant in our all-new 2008 SUV range marks a huge milestone in our electrification strategy.”
Peel said that the SUV market was “incredibly popular” and Peugeot, he said, had full confidence in the new 2008 range and the carmaker was “extremely excited to see driver’s reactions to all powertrain variants, especially the e-2008”. Continue reading